Physical Literacy for Fitness Health & a Fulfilling Life

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Year of Publication : 2024

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About The Book

This book explains the meaning and relevance of Physical literacy in terms of managing physical and health fitness by individuals. Physical literacy helps individuals to be self-resourceful in managing the physical body, both during exercise and during attending daily physical work. This book provides a detailed and comprehensive view of physical literacy and the importance of its knowledge for individuals in terms of enhancing their physical skills, maintaining interest in physical activities, and choosing the physically active behaviours throughout their lifespan. This book provides accurate knowledge on the different ways and means of enhancing and maintaining the physical fitness for health and also for excellence in sports performances. Hence, this book helps both a sportsperson and a non-sportsperson to better understand the physical exercises, their correct execution, and importance of knowledge on the physical exercises. This book also provides ample knowledge for the health administrators of nations in terms of enhancing and promoting the physical fitness among the members of the society. Various strategies were also discussed in the book that would promote physical fitness culture among the societies.


Contents -

1. Physical Culture to Physical Literacy
2. Physical Literacy – Meaning, Definition and Premise
3. Physical Competence in Physical Literacy
4. Psychological Competence and Social Competence
5. Training for Factors of Influence Physical Competence
6. Training for Neuro-muscular or Motor Fitness
7. Comprehensive Reflections on Physical Literacy
8. Physical Literacy – Assessment and Understanding
9. Physical Literacy – Awareness Strategies

About The Author

Dr. Venkata Rajasekhar Kali, Ph.D. (Dr. Kali) has 30 years of experience in teaching and research in the fields of Sports Science, Wellness, and Health. At present, working as Director of Sports Sciences, with the University of Hyderabad, India. Worked as an associate professor in a professional physical education college in India for ten years. A member of the European College of Sports Science, and an academic member of the Athens Institute for Education and Research of Athens, Greece. Acting review board member for Athens Journal of Sports, International Journal of Health, Wellness, and Society of Common Ground Research Forum of Illinois University, U.S.A. Chief editor for the International Journal of Wellness and Lifestyle Management. Authored a book “Wellness Management: A Lifestyle Approach for Health, Fitness, and Energy” which is first of its kind effort in India. To his credit, there are several keynote speeches at National and International Sports Science Conferences both in India and abroad. Conducted innumerable workshops on Wellness management and fitness for corporates, students, teachers, and several types of professional people. Research interest lies in advances in sports sciences like Sports genetics, Sports Nutrition, Exercise endocrinology, Exercise Medicine, Exercise metabolism, physical activity and health, Yoga and health.

Dr. Sreenivasulu Natur, Ph.D., has more than a decade of teaching, training and research experience in the matters of fitness, health fitness, and lifestyle management. A postgraduate in Physical Education with a doctoral degree in physical education and sports. Being a national level football player, helped him to understand the nuances of physical fitness dynamics including the motor activity physiology. Being a postgraduate diploma holder in health fitness and lifestyle management, helped him to deepen his analytical thoughts upon the health fitness management domains and their interactions for physical health. An enthusiastic physical education teacher who is possessing the deliverable knowledge on the physical fitness components, helped in transforming this book into a perfect model for physical literacy. He is amply possessed with scientific bent of psychology that helped him to enhance the horizons of the knowledge on the health fitness and more specially about the physical wellness.

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