Sri Bhagvadgita for Managers

ISBN Number : 978-93-5024-825-6

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2011

No. Of Pages : 264

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About The Book

Sri Bhagvadgita for Managers is a first comprehensive managerial commentary on Srimad Bhagvadgita based on original research by the author. It offers solutions to burning problems of contemporary management like lack of goal clarity, lack of role clarity, leadership crisis, stress, lack of productivity, poor performance, lack of holism in decision-making, etc. The book is intended to serve as a basic reading for MBA curriculum paper on "Indian Ethos and corporate training programmers for Leadership Development, Stress Management, Improvement of Productivity and Achievement of excellence. The book is expected to attract global attention of b-scholls and Corporate World, because it presents antithesis of Western Management, Thought on Leadership, Stress, Work Ethos and Productivity Management.


Contents :

1. Dilemma and Strategic Management
2. Buddhi Yoga
3. Karma Yoga
4. The Path of Knowledge-Janana Yoga
5. The Yoga of Renunciation of Action
6. The True Yoga of Meditation
7. God and His Creation
8. The Course of Cosmic Evolution
9. Supremacy of the Lord
10. Excellence is Reflection of God
11. Three Forms of God (Three tiers of Management)
12. Devotion or Bhakti Yoga
13. Field and its Knower
14. Three Modes of Nature
15. The Yoga of Supreme Person (The most secret doctrine)
16. About Divine and Demonaic Persons
17. Detailed Applications of Three Modes of Nature
18. Conclusion (The Yoga of Release by Renunciation)

About The Author

Professor N.M. Khandelwal (b. 2.10.1942), M.Com. (Gold Medalist), Ph.D., CBA (Canada) and FIAA. He has more than 40 years’ experience of postgraduate teaching and research of which 34 years as academic administrator-University Professor, Head/Dean/Director at Saurashtra University and M.D.S. University. He has also worked as Director of MBA Institutions–GLS, NRIBM, Ahmedabad, ITM Bhilwara, Govt. Engineering College, Ajmer, AITS and RKCBM, Rajkot. As eminent Professor, he has been invited as Visiting Professor/Visiting Fellow by various Universities. He has produced 21 Ph.D.s and completed 4 post doctoral research projects. He has several books, research papers and articles published to his credit. He is a renowned author in the area of Indian Ethos and Value for Managers. He has visited U.S. Universities twice. He has been President of Indian Accounting Association and General Secretary, Inter-University Council of Business Education and Research. Currently he is Chairman, IAA Standing Committee on Accounting Standards. He is currently working as Hony. Director, Ved Vyas Centre for Indian Management, Shri Govind Guru University, Godhara (Gujarat). He can be reached at email ID – [email protected].

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