Theories of Entrepreneurship

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Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

In creating and growing a new venture, the entrepreneur assume the responsibility and risks for its development and survival and enjoy the corresponding rewards. In fact, economic development depends on the allocation of entrepreneurial resource to efforts to discover new profit opportunities.

In the 21st century, entrepreneurship has assumed great importance, globalization on coupled with information technology has given a fillip to entrepreneurship in a big way. Entrepreneurial activities are getting broad-based. All along, there is big leap in employment opportunities and rise in income.

The present study Theories of Entrepreneurship consists of ten Chapters.

In all, FORTY Theories relating to entrepreneurship are presented for the FIRST-TIME in this study.

Theories of entrepreneurship are broadly grouped into:

1. Economic Theories of Entrepreneurship
2. Socio-cultural Theories of Entrepreneurship
3. Motivation of Theories of Entrepreneurship
4. Entrepreneurial Leadership

The theories of entrepreneurship help students and teachers in understanding the varied facets and evolution of entrepreneurship environment fostering and accelerating the growth of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship activites.

Contents :

1. Introduction
2. The Enterprise
3. The Concept of Entrepreneurship
4. Theories of Entrepreneurship
5. Economic Theories of Entrepreneurship
6. Socio-Cultural Theories of Entrepreneurship
7. Motivation Theories of Entrepreneurship
8. Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership
9. Entrepreneurial Leadership
10. Drive Towards Customers Satisfaction

About The Author

Dr. Vasant Desai has been engaged in socio-economic research and written on industry, enterpreneurial management, rural economics, rural development, financial system, banking and monetary policy in the last fifty years. Throughout this period one of his persistent interests has been the study of economic problems in their socio-political enterpreneurial cultural and socio-economic setting. He has blended his wide experiences in teaching, research and banking to focus attention on issue in a lucid as well as in an authoritative manner.

Dr. Desai has wide background of research in enterpreneurial development, management, Agriculture,Rural development, savings, industry, banking, monetary economics and small-scale industries and has many opportunities with eminent economists, bankers enterpreneurs, industrialists and other authorites. His passion for knowledge has been responsible for the training of a band of young economists.

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