Practical Guide to Disciplinary Action in Banks

ISBN Number : 978-93-5142-875-6

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 164

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About The Book

Disciplinary Action / Proceedings has been subject of many law books and some of them are enough bulky. The present work has been prepared keeping in view the requirements of personnel departments in public sector banks as well as the defending officer employee. The object of the book is that Disciplinary Action / Proceedings may be carried out in a smooth manner and the same can be achieved only when parties to action understand their position in the proceedings. Further, an introduction to many concepts like probation, vigilance etc. has been given to augment the usefulness of the book for officer of the Bank.


Contents :

1. Public Sector Banks and their Conduct Rules
2. Nature of Disciplinary Action / Proceedings
3. Application of Principles of Natural Justice
4. Initiation of Disciplinary Action/Proceedings
5. Presenting Officer
6. Evidence Under Inquiry
7. Defence in Inquiry
8. Inquiring Authority and Its Report
9. Disciplinary Authority and Punishment
10. Judicial Review of Inquiry
11. Suspension and Reinstatement
12. Law Relating to Probation, Termination and Resignation
13. Miscellaneous Matters

1. Model officer Employees` Conduct Regulations
2. Model Officer Employees` Discipline and Appeal Regulations

About The Author

Mr. G.S. Dubey born in village Harwai, Distt. Mainpuri (U.P.) practiced at Distt. Court level for ten years and then joined Central Bank of India as Manager (Law). After having rendered service about eighteen years, he resigned from the Bank.

He started writing and has two books in his writing account. The first one is `Practical Guide to the Securitisation Act` and the second one is `Practical Guide to R.D.D.B. Act`. Presently, he is a legal consultant. He provides opinion on legal, social and banking matters telephonically also.


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