Indian Psychology

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About The Book

“Action always prompts reaction”. An action if cautiously applied with discreet manner, reaction will be moderate without causing any harm. An action may be negative or positive. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. A man walking in the street should not be absorbed in his own thoughts and should not be day dreaming lest there is likelihood of meeting with an accident. In other words, one should be cautious and conscious in doing any act. It is natural phenomena why people are not cautiously and consciously doing the activities which are warranted.

This book is an overall evaluation of human life. A man is a social animal. It is, therefore, a birthright of every individual to lead a normal life. “Live and let live” should be the motto of every individual and/or a society and/or a nation. There may be discriminations.

In terms of caste, class, creed, colour and community, these also exist in other living beings, viz., animals, birds and insects. This book has made an attempt to cover all methods of psychology but mainly to improve the psychology of an individual. Study of psychology is restricted to behaviour and genes of an individual.

It is no doubt essential to know the psychology to understand an individual. Psychology of an individual points out the positive and negative facets of his body and mind. A man has dual personality – good and evil. These personalities operate at different times based on different circumstances. Improvement of psychology depends on the various factors, viz., hereditary, education, religion, surrounding, occupation, economy and even to a certain extent political government policies of the nation also influence the psychology. A new born baby only feels hungry and thirsty. It, therefore, begin with crying and crying. Only a mother understands him. He is totally influenced and guarded by his mother’s action and dictates. So says, psychology takes birth in the womb of a mother. The author highlights the agony and pathetic conditions of the people of India and attempted to spread peace and happiness all over the country. Basic essentials of an individual should be met for a reasonable survival.

It is a foregone conclusion that all fingers are not equal – so says, all people are not equal, and equality cannot be maintained. Some are born rich and some are born poor. In order to bring about principle of equity and natural justice, different forms of government were introduced by different countries to promote natural justice. But most of the forms of the government fail to achieve the desired objective. The ideology of communism – a political system whereby all property is owned by the community and each person contributes and receives according to their ability and needs, has not achieved its objective in satisfying the people and it failed miserably in country like Russia and Mexico.

The author has made a fruitful comparison of different living beings and attempted to bring happiness and peace in the minds of every individual, which certainly make the nation happy, peaceful and prosperous. He also observed terrorist attacks, foreign interference, riot and strike, war in the country, only spread violence, civil disobedience, unrest and unhappiness all over the country. This is not a happy sign. So feel good, feel happy should be the message to all the people which only can improve the psychology of the people. The objective of the author in writing this book is to appeal to the people to learn the art of living. This can happen only if the psychology is reformed and improved to lead a better life and contribute something to the nation to make it worth living.


Contents :
1. Study of Psychology
2. Influence of Heredity on Psychology
3. Influence of Surrounding on Psychology
4. Influence of Religion and Astrology on Psychology
5. Experimental and Occupational Psychology
6. Developmental Psychology
7. Effect of Psychology on the Nation
8. Drawbacks of Indian Psychology
9. Methods to Improve Indian Psychology
10. Conclusion

About The Author

P.V. Sethu - 

The Author was born in a poor family comprised of three children and parents. He was brought up in a chawl at Andheri, Mumbai, facing various problems, viz., water, electricity, education even to the extent of proper livelihood. His father was the sole earning member earning a paltry salary Rs. 500/- to Rs. 800/- per month. The author was asked to borrow money from the neighbours. Some of the neigbours used to humiliate and insult him. The author had no ambition or aim in life and only thinking how to enjoy food at various nook and corner.

In his academic career from school to college and then LL.B., he was only promoted to higher standard except on Sixth standard he got 31st rank and only 31 students got rank in his class. That day was celebrated pompously by his father. Subsequently, he got 48% marks aggregate in S.S.C. His name would have gone in Guinness books of record for his education track record.

After joining Press Trust of India (Samachar), his life changed. He realized his follies and dark period. He did his Journalism from Bhavans` College of Journalism and masterminded the art of writing, interacting with the people from various walks of life. On completion of LL.B., he had cherished dream of practicing law with an objective to do justice to the common masses. He had aggressive outlook to reform the Judiciary System of our country. But this did not happen, since he was shackled with the esponsibilities and duties towards his family. However, he is determined to fulfill his cherished dream of practicing law after his retirement from the Service. For him, age is not the bar and a person retires only after his death.

He has been regularly writing initially to start with human interest stories, interviews, problematic beat etc. and later on after joining Insurance Company, he pursued with his writing on insurance and insurance related topics. He achieved acquiring many prizes − Essay Writing, Humor Contest, articles etc. He has been all along a torch bearer for the poor masses and whatever possible, he used to help the poor people. His dream was to transform the commercial world into a human world, where people love and like one another.

Now, he is very much upset that he could not accomplish his cherish ideals and dream. He preached, `LIFE IS LOVE AND LOVE IS GOD`. Unfortunately after experiencing the world, his mind is singing, `LIFE IS GOD AND GOD IS LOVE`.

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