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Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 288

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About The Book

In the cutting age technology, E-Governance is the vehicle of Good Governance. No doubt, the more users friendly and wide based is e-governance; the more sustainable is the good governance. Moreover, in coming days probably internet will be changed due to convergence of new technologies and new phenomenon will be created. Whether it is internet or new technologies, certainly, it will provide new opportunities in getting things done in a better and efficient manner. As a true; of fact it may provide novel solutions to the problems unimagined and unthinkable. And it is true; technology could not alone bring about a change in India. For this, constitutional and administrative changes are necessary to make the Government accountable to the citizen.

The present book tries to focus on e-Governance as to the concept, country experiences, States experiences in India and a special case study of an Indian State. Besides, a lots of information in a lucid way is put here for better appreciation of valued students, planners, administrators and general readers.


Contents :

1. Introduction
2. E-Governance and Good Governance: A Conceptual Analysis
3. E-Governance: Country Experiences
4. E-Governance in India: State Experiences
5. Profile of E-Governance Study Area: Case of Orissa
6. E-Governance in Orissa: Deep Focus
7. A Summing Up
8. Appendices

About The Author

Dr. Niranjan Pani, M.A. in Political Science and Public Administration, is currently working as Reader in Public Administration, DDCE, Utkal University. He holds M.Phil. Ph.D. and D. Litt. degrees from Utkal University. Dr. Pani is actively engaged in research work on various aspects of Public Administration and Management Studies. His areas of interest include Administrative Theory, Human Resource Management,Organizational Behaviour and Management Concepts. Besides, he published a number of research papers in reputed books and journals. Moreover, he authored and co-authored many books in management and social development fields. These books include: Tribal Development, (Mahamaya), Grievance Management in India (Anmol), Customer Relations Management (Mahamaya), Reflections on Gandhi - Forgotten Mahatma (Co-editor, Zeneith) etc. Further, a number of scholars were awarded Ph. D. degrees under his guidance in Political Science and Public Administration disciplines. Also he is co-editor of SEARCH-A journal of Arts, Humanities and Management (ISSN-0974-5416) published by DDCE.

Dr. Santap Sanhari Mishra holds MA. degree in History and Public Administration. Also Dr. Mishra holds MBA, M.Phil, and Ph. D. degrees from Utkal University. Currently, he is a faculty in Alphia Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar. As a researcher, he published many papers in books and journals. To his, credit he co-authored with Dr. Pani a book on Good Governance vs. e-Governance (Anmol). Further, he edited and co-edited a number of books published by ICFAI University Press namely e-Governance in Developing Nations, NGOs: An Introduction and Corruption: Combating Strategies.

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