A Textbook of Environmental Studies

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Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

The book entitled "A Text Book of Environmental Studies" is prepared in accordance with the syllabi of University Grants Commission. The aim of this Book is to provide a systematic study of our environment. The Book encompasses a wide range of topics on environmental study. This Book has been designed to meet the requirements of Undergraduate students for the above said course. It should be useful to people who are seriously interested in knowing about environment. It may prove to be a useful collection in the library as well. The subject-matter has been made interesting by mode up to date data and large number of diagrams. To meet the textbook requirements, this book summarizes important aspects from various areas of natural resource, ecology, pollution and environment. Every attempt has been made to make each chapter self-contained. The present book has been divided into nineteen chapters. Chapter one deals with the multidisciplinary nature of environmental studies. Chapter two to eight deals with the natural resources, forest resources, water resources, mineral resources, food resources, energy resources and land resources. Chapter nine discusses the ecosystems, their structure and functional aspects. Chapter ten is devoted to the subject of biodiversity and its conservation. Chapter eleven covers all aspects of environmental pollution. Chapter twelve throws light on solid waste management. Chapter thirteen deals with disaster management. Chapter fourteen deals with human population and environment. Chapter fifteen discusses the sustainable development and environment. Chapter sixteen deals with the climate change and global warming. Chapter seventeen deals with the waste land reclamation and consumerism and waste products. Chapter eighteen deals with the environmental protection act and various policies and laws governing the environment have been discussed. Social issues of the environment have been discussed in last chapter. In the end multiple-choice questions has been included.


Contents :

1. The Multidisciplinary Nature of Environment Studies
2. Natural Resources
3. Forest Resources
4. Water Resources
5. Mineral Resources
6. Food Resources
7. Energy Resources
8. Land Resources
9. Ecosystem
10. Biodiversity and its Conservation
11. Environmental Pollution
12. Solid Waste Management
13. Disaster Management

About The Author

Dr. Vijay Kumar Tiwari was born on 28 August, 1952. He did his M.A. in 1975 and Ph.D. in 1979 from University Teaching Department of Dr. Harisingh Gour University, Saugar (M.P.). He has been currently working as Assistant Professor in Geography in C.M. Dubey Postgraduate College Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh). He has 30 years teaching experience at Under- graduate and Postgraduate level. He has attended many seminars and workshops. His 30 talks on various aspects, which were broadcasted by All-India Radio, have been widely acclaimed.

Dr. Tiwari is a member of the research degree committee on Pt. Sundarlal Sharma (Open) University Chhattisgarh, Bilaspur and member board of the study Government Digvijay Autonomous P.G. College, Rajnandgaon, (C.G.). He has completed three minor research projects and one major research project approved by University Grants Commission, New Delhi. Dr. Tiwari is a prominent author and a keen researcher. He has engaged in research and also guided several Ph.D. students and published several research papers. The author has contributed 18 books. Two of his books have met the approval of subject experts of the Madhya Pradesh Textbook Corporation, Bhopal and Chhattisgarh is prescribed as textbook of Commerce Faculty for XII Class. His major publications include Geography of India (Hindi) in two parts, Population Geography of India (Hindi) in two parts, Environmental and Ecology (Hindi), Environmental Pollution (Hindi), Tribes of India (Hindi), Population Geography (Hindi), Unified Geography of India (Hindi), Chhattisgarh: A Geographical Study (Hindi), Tribes of Chhattisgarh (Hindi), Geography of Madhya Pradesh (Hindi), Geography of Chhattisgarh and Environmental Studies (Hindi).

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