Entrepreneurship Development (Obstacles & Solutions)

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Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

The main focus of the book is "Small and New Entrepreneurs". In today`s world, everyone wants to become an entrepreneur but the fact is that most of them do not fulfill their dream of becoming entrepreneur. Very less become entrepreneur. Success rate is very low and failure rate is very high. Either they fail in the business or are not capable of surviving and running the business. In this book, focus is given to those factors which restrict the progress of New and Small entrepreneurs`. Those factors are called as obstacles. These are the obstacles which are faced by the new and small entrepreneurs who have just opened their business or trying to open their business and do not have much knowledge about business but have zeal to become entrepreneur and to run a business. They want to become an entrepreneur but because of so many obstacles which come on their way in becoming entrepreneur they are not able to become a successful entrepreneur.

In this book, solutions are provided to overcome those obstacles. Different ideas are given to run the business. Useful knowledge is provided related to different areas in the business, so that it can give clear-cut information to the small and new entrepreneurs about the different requirements of business and what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur? what are the different obstacles exist in business? and what are the solutions for those obstacles? Prior information will help the new and small entrepreneurs to make more correct decisions and to get an idea about opening their business, overcoming obstacles and making them more competent.

The main purpose of this book is to give information on business obstacles and their solutions to new and small entrepreneurs to come out of those problems.

The book is useful for all students mostly Commerce, Engineering and Management. Apart from that, it is also useful for teachers, trainers and entrepreneurial institutes.


Contents :

1. Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship
2. First Generation Entrepreneurs
3. Entrepreneurs` Personality and Motivation
4. Entrepreneurs` Achievement and Business Failure
5. Entrepreneurs` Motivation
6. Creativity And Innovation
7. Entrepreneurs` Thoughts on Business Start Up
8. Business Opportunities Transformation Obstacles
9. Selecting Business Related Obstacles
10. Building Business Infrastructure Related Obstacles
11. Technology Access Obstacles
12. Getting Business Knowledge Obstacles
13. Business Plan
14. Big Companies Related Obstacles
15. Financial Obstacles
16. Employees Related Obstacles
17. Customers Related Obstacles
18. Suppliers Related Obstacles
19. Surviving Business Obstacles
20. Marketing Obstacles
21. Profit Earning Obstacles
22. Government Policies / Grants Obstacles
23. Family Responsibility Obstacles
24. Cultural Obstacles
25. Personal Competence Obstacles

About The Author

Dipesh D. Uike is Professor of `Operations Management and `Entrepreneurship Development" and Coordinator of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) programmes in Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies and Research (DAIMSR) at the University of Nagpur. He teaches courses in management information system and entrepreneurial development. He holds bachelor`s degree in information technology and master`s degree in Management and Ph.D. in Management (Customer Relationship Management) from Nagpur University. He has passed UGC-NET in 2009. He is a regular full-time faculty in DAIMSR College. He has a good professional experience in both Engineering and Management College. He conducts various programmes on Entrepreneurship Development in collaboration with MSME and Vidarbha Industries Association (VIA) for experienced and prospective entrepreneurs. He is also a member °I: Tie. He has presented various national and international research papers on information technology and entrepreneurship development. Various research papers have been published in international and national journals of IT and Management.

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