Economic Environment of Business (With Case Studies)

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About The Book

The present edition is the sixth edition of the book Economic Environment of Business which first appeared in 2000. Over the past four-five years, the book has rapidly gained acceptance in various MBA institutes and Universities all over the country. The present edition is a comprehensive revision of the earlier edition in light of the developments that have taken place during recent times. The main divisions of the book are as follows:

Part One : An Overview of Business Environment

Unit 1 : Economics Environment : An Introduction

This unit discusses the domestic and global environment of business, economic role of the State and Government and the issues pertaining to economic growth and development, economic fluctuations, economic planning and controls.

Unit 2 : Non-Economic Environment of Business

This unit discusses the political and legal environment, demographic and socio-cultural environment, natural environment and technological environment of business, It also discusses corporate social responsibility.

Unit 3 : Anatomy and Functioning of the Economy

This unit considers the macroeconomic framework, determination of national income and the two market (money market and product market) equilibrium, consumption and investment, inflation and stagflation, monetary and fiscal policies and issues in economic stabilization.

Part Two : Environment of Business In India

Unit 4 : Indian Economic Environment

This book presents a broad profile of the Indian and examines the macroeconomic scenario of the country, contemporary economic reforms, importance of infrastructure for business, agriculture and business, trends in global economic environment from the Indian viewpoint and the changing role of international institutions.

Unit 5 : Business and Government-Indian Perspective

This unit discusses the process of economic planning in India, the policies of the Government of India in the field of industry and trade and consumer protection. It also highlights the fiscal and monetary policies of the government.

Unit 6 : Indian Industrial and Trade Environment
This unit discusses the growth and performance of the industrial sector in India, public and private sector, the issue of privatization, modern corporations and the company law, mergers and acquisitions, small scale industries, industrial policy and IDR Act, MRTP Act and Competition Act, industrial sickness in India, trends in foreign trade, India`s balance of payments, and the government policy towards foreign investment and multinational corporations.

Unit 7 : Labour Environment in India
This unit discusses the characteristics of the Indian labour market, industrial labour, worker participation in management, impact of economic reforms on labour employments and labour welfare.

Unit 8 : Financial Environment of Business
This unit discusses the Indian money, capital market, stock market and SEBI, commercial banks and financial institutions.


Contents :

Unit 1 : Economic Environment : An Introduction

      1. Business and Its Environment
      2. Economic Environment of Business : Domestic
      3. Global : Environment of Business
      4. Economic Roles of The State and Government
      5. Economic Fluctuations, Growth and Development
      6. Market, Economic Planning and Controls

Unit 2 : Non-Economic Environment of Business

      7. Political and Legal Environment of Business
      8. Demographic And Socio-Cultural Environment of Business
      9. Natural Environment and Business
      10. Technological Environment of Business
      11. Social Responsibility of Business

Unit 3 : Anatomy And Functioning of An Economy

      12. Macroeconomic Framework-Basics
      13. Consumption and Investment
      14. National Income Determination
      15. The Theory of Multiplier
      16. The Two Market Equilibrium-IS/LM Model
      17. Inflation and Stagflation
      18. Monetary and Fiscal Policies
      19. Issues in Economic Stabilisation: Keynesian-Monetarist Controversy

Unit 4 : Indian Economic Environment
20. Broad Profile of The Indian Economy and The Macroeconomic Scenario
21. Economic Reforms And Liberalisation
22. Globalisation and its Impact on Indian Economy
23. International Institutions-The IMF And World Bank
24. WTO And India
25. Infrastructure and Business
26. Agriculture and Business
Unit 5 : Business And Government-Indian Perspective
27. Economic Planning in India
28. India`s Fiscal and Monetary Policies
29. Industrial Policy
30. Export-Import Policy and Trade Liberalisation
31. SEZs: Concept, Role and Impact
32. FERA and FEMA
33. Consumer Protection
Unit 6 : Indian Industrial And Trade Environment
34. Industrial Growth and Diversification
35. Industries (Development And Regulation) Act, 1951 and Industrial Licensing
36. Public Sector in The Indian Economy
37. Private Sector in The Indian Economy
38. Privatisation and Disinvestment
39. Modern Corporations and The Indian Company Law
40. Mergers and Acquisitions
41. MRTP Act, 1969 and Competition Act, 2002 And 2007
42. Small-Scale and Cottage Industries
43. Industrial Sickness in India
44. Trends in Foreign Trade and Structural Changes
45. India`s Balance of Payments
46. Foreign Investment, Technology and Multinational Corporations
Unit 7 : Labour Environment In India
47. Features of Indian Labour Market
48. Industrial Labour
49. Implications of Economic Reforms for Labour Markets In India
50. Worker`s Participations in Management
Unit 8 : Financial Environment of Business
51. Indian Money Market
52. Capital Market in India
53. Stock Market and its Regulation
54. Commercial Banking in India
55. Financial Institutions
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About The Author

S. K. Misra is a Reader in Economics in Hindu College, Delhi University and has a teaching experience spanning four decades.

 V.K. Puri is a Reader in Economics in Shyam Lal College, Delhi University and has a teaching experience of almost three decades. They have co-authored some very popular and widely acclaimed textbooks. These include Indian Economy (currently running in sixteenth edition), Bharatiya Arthavyavastha (the Hindi version of the above book currently running in tenth edition), Economics of Development and Planning (currently running in seventh edition). Microeconomics: Theory and Applications Part I and II (currently running in second edition). Modern Microeconomics and Modern Macroeconomic Theory.

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