Role of Political, Socio-cultural and Revolutionary Associations in Evolution of Indian Nationalism during Colonial Period

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About The Book

"Role of Political, Socio-cultural & Revolutionary Associations in Evolution of Indian Nationalism during Colonial Period".

Historical study needs reassessment of studied facts in the current context. Objective of the book is to study structure and nature of work of various Associations at regional and national level. Manifestation of nationalism was much more in organized and object oriented manner when expressed in the form of organization. The power of being together with common objectives, common action plan and common responsibility in facing consequences gives strength to a movement.

Various associations of revolutionaries, of moderates, of women, of workers and peasants, of students have been formed during the period of national movement. Social reform movement was supporting the rise of nationalism but the book is based on nationalism and hence only such organizations were selected for study.

This book covers few of regional associations and also institutions at very micro level which were working for national movement. There are total 26 chapters in this book. Among them eleven were in English and fifteen were in Marathi.

Among the English chapters, topics covered are Role of women in raising Nationalism, women organizations like Hind Mahila Samaj, Rashtriya Stree Sabha etc. and how womenfolk came forward and became the part of mainstream of nationalists; studies especially in the early period of 20th century. Dr. Alka Kadam focused on activities in spread of nationalism. Bombay presidency Youth League and its contribution in nurturing nationalism is another aspect covered by Prof. Mandar Thakur.

In Marathi, chapters covered are worker and peasant movements and rise of nationalism, movements in various areas of Maharashtra, role of Praja Parishad, Economic nationalism etc.

The book is an attempt to bring in front the organized efforts for evolution of nationalism prior to independence. There is still a great scope to look into several local, regional and national associations and their role in emergence of nationalist feeling and struggle for independence.

Contents :

1. Role of Rashtriya Stree Sabha during the Gandhi Era
- Dr. Alka Mohan Kadam
2. Role of Hind Mahila Samaj of Bombay in National Liberation Movement
- Prof. Manasi V. Bhagwat
3. The Bombay Presidency Youth League and It`s Efforts to Nurture the Nationalism
- Prof. Mandar Anant Thakur
4. Role of Women in Raising Nationalism during Colonial Period
- Ms. Heena Singh
5. The Emergence of Women`s Organizations and Indian Nationalism
- Prof. Hema Ravi Pinjani
6. Upliftment of Indian Women with Nationalism
- Shalini Vermani
7. Kuka Movement as Origin of Non-co-operation in Punjab from 1857-1872
- Krishna S. Gaikwad
8. Nationalism in the View of Ravindranath Tagore
- Prof. Anand Dandge
9. V. D. Savarkar: Man and His Mission through Literature
- Deepak Suryawanshi and Sachin Pawar
10. Rise of Institutions in Chhotanagpur Region during Colonial Period
- Ms. Seema Jha
11. Kamalaben Patel-The Courageous Women
- Mrs. Rohini Navin Patel
12. Paalghar Talukayatil Rashtrawadi Chadwad
- Prof. Dhananjay B. Wankhede
13. 19 Vya Shatkatil Mumbaitil Kamgaar Chadwad ani Rashtrawad
- Prof. S. B. Anadhade
14. Bharatiya Swatantrya Chadwadimadhil Alibagh Talukyache YOgdaan
- Prof. Uttara Anant Khandilkar ani Prof. Pragati Manoj Patil
15. Krantikari Sanghatana Ani Muslimache Yogdaan
- Prof. Jitendra Bhambre
16. Rashtrawad Nirmitith Vishnushastri Chiplunkaranchya Nibandh Maaleche Yogdaan
- Prof. Ramila Gaikwad
17. Marathi Sahitya ani Rastravadi Jaaniva: Anna Bahu Sathe yaachya Sandharbhaat
- Prof. Kishore Kondbaaji Kajale
18. M. Jyotirao Fule ani Bhartiya Rastravaad Yogdaan
- Prof. D. L. Njaan
19. Rashtriya Aandolan ka Vartamaan Sandarbh me mahtav
- Prof. Krushna A. Mahure
20. Swatantra Purva Kalkhandatil Mumbaitil Kaamgaar ani Shetkari Chadwadicha Prasarmadhyamatun Ghetlela Aadhawa
- Ku. Prathiba Bodkhe
21. Aadivasi ani Communist Vichar Sarni
- Prof. Kodilakar Rupesh
22. Ratnagiri Yethil Akhil Hindu Istriyache Sanmishr Sneh Sammelan : 20 January 1940
- Prof. Satyendra Vijay Raje
23. Bhartiya Swatantrya Chadwaditil Praja Parishadche Yogdaan
- Prof. Dr. Sarang Ankush Tukaram
24. Rastrawad Udayakarita Adivasiche Swatantrya Ladhe
- Prof. Sau. Hemlata Umesh Mukne
25. Arthik Rastrawad and Krantikar Sanghatnache Yogdaan
- Dr. Vasatla Chintaman Madke
26. Vasahaatwadi Kaalkhandatil Thane Zillayatil Kahi Asanghteeth Rastriya Uthaav
- Prof. Dr. Vijay Ananth Kulkarni

About The Author

Prof. Dhananjay Wankhade -

Faculty, Department of History,

Pragati College of Arts and Commerce


Prof. Manasi V. Bhagwat -

Head, Department of History, 
Pragati College of Arts and Commerce, 

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